Nato da un progetto congiunto tra ALCLI “Giorgio e Silvia” e Polo Universitario di Rieti “Sabina Universitas”, il “Centro Oncologico di Prevenzione e Ricerca della Provincia di Rieti” di seguito indicato con l’acronimo Ce.Ca.Re.P. (Center for Cancer Research and Prevention), entra ufficialmente in funzione nel Gennaio del 2016, a seguito della firma di una apposita convenzione.

Il Ce.Ca.Re.P. è stato istituito con lo scopo di realizzare studi pre-clinici e clinici in ambito oncologico, che apportino un significativo contributo alla comunità scientifica nell’elaborazione di nuove strategie terapeutiche. Tali ricerche, inoltre, possono rappresentare per la ASL territoriale e le associazioni di volontariato, il punto di partenza nell’organizzare campagne di prevenzione e screening specifiche per le patologie neoplastiche più diffuse nella provincia di Rieti.

  • Operating Units



Rieti University Hub “Sabina Universitas” – Laboratory of Experimetal Medicine and Environmental Pathology


“Sapienza” University of Rome – Department of Experimental Medicine

University of L’Aquila – Department of Biotechnological and Applied Clinical Sciences

  • evaluation of pharmacological effects and antineoplastic activities of new molecules in different tumor cell lines compared with the molecules currently used in oncology protocols;
  • study of EPH receptor role. Indeed, the brain penetrating pan EPH receptor antagonist, UNIPR1331, shows potent antiangiogenic and anti-invasive effects in glioblastoma preclinical models;
  • study of EPHA2. Indeed, its inhibition reverts epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) phenotype and reduces proliferation of the colorectal cancer cells;
  • study of angiogenic profile of hASCs and hDPSCs and theirs role on vascular stabilization
  • establish relationships with new partners to expand research fields and to implement innovative approaches in oncological sciences.



Rieti University Hub “Sabina Universitas” – Laboratory of Experimetal Medicine and Environmental Pathology


Department of Public Health and Infectious Diseases – “Sapienza” University of Rome

Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences – University of Molise

  • air quality and health of pediatric population: profiles of exposure to toxic and carcinogenic pollutants present in the air and adjoining urban areas;
  • cancer mortality trend in Latium region (Italy): focus on Rieti province and comparing with the other Latium provinces;
  • establish relationships with new partners.


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Center for Cancer Research and Prevention of Rieti Province (Ce.Ca.Re.P.) was created to perform clinical and epidemiological studies in the oncology field. Ce.Ca.Re.P. has been giving a contribution to scientific research and represents, for the local health authority and voluntary associations, the starting point to organize screening campaigns for the most widespread neoplastic diseases in Rieti province.


  • to create synergies with the departments directly involved in the oncology clinical practice of the O.G.P. “San Camillo de Lellis”, ASL of Rieti, and with other universities and/or research centers for the purpose of developing innovative therapies in the field of oncology;
  • to organize meetings with the population in order to disseminate all the results obtained by the project and to make known how the donations made to the ALCLI have been used;
  • to implement prevention training programs in collaboration with schools in the context of screening campaigns;
  • to establish thesis awards to the best elaboration in the oncological field drawn up by the students of Rieti University Hub “Sabina Universitas”.



Project Manager: Prof. Maurizio Sorice

The research project aims the synthesis and evaluation of molecules with antineoplastic activity. In summary, the purpose of this research is to synthesize and analyze, in vitro on human tumor cells of different origin (lymphoblastoid, neuroblastoma, glio- blastoma), the antitumor effect of chemical synthesis of neo-derived compounds 4 -phenyl-1,8-Naftiridinici (more than 150 compounds). The synthesis of the molecules is performed at the University of Pisa and the activity of these substances will be tested at the Laboratory of Experimental Medicine and Pathology Environmental University of Rieti University Hub “Sabina Universitas”.


Project ManagerDr. Claudio Festuccia

Angiogenesis is often deregulated and exploited in tumor growth. After initial responses to anti-VEGF/VEGFR compounds, glioblastomas (GBM) tend to grow back in a more invasive manner and relapse. Here we tested UniPr1331, a novel brain penetrating pan Eph receptor antagonist, in combination with bevacizumab or sunitinib. The effects of bevacizumab, sunitinib and UniPR1331, will tested alone or in combination in subcutaneous xenografts of U87MG, U251 and T98G cells as well as on intra-cranial xenografts of luciferase tagged U87MG cells injected in CD1-nu/nu mice.[/button]

Project ManagerDr. Alessandro Colapietro

The Eph-Ephrin system is involved on different biological cellular processes, but at the same time, reveals to be an important player on tumor progression including colorectal cancer cells. High levels of EphA2 are observed on colorectal cancer cells compared to normal counterpart. This is associated with a worse prognosis and a more invasive and metastatic behaviour. Furthermore, EphA2 promotes and supports the EMT, making tumor cells more aggressive. The aim of the study is the evaluation of the anti-tumor effects of a tyrosine kinase EphA2 inhibitor on a cohort of five colorectal cancer cells in vitro. We analyzed antitumor effects of this compound performing growth analysis by direct cell count, MTT assay and FACS analysis. Western blot assay were performed for the evaluation of EMT phenotype by using antibody against E-cadherin (negative EMT marker), survivin, “-catenin, SNAIL, c-myc and PCNA.


Project Manager: Prof. Matteo Vitali

The project is based on an epidemiological study observational cross. The enrollment period is expected in winter in a day school “typical” (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday). The participation of students in all classes of primary schools in three selected areas with different degree of urbanization / industrialization: the urban area of ​​Rieti, rural areas of the province and industrial area of ​​Santa Rufina.
Because of the observational characteristics of the proposed study, based on recruitment of the students spontaneously, is not fixed a priori sample size but, based on the results obtained from previous campaigns, it is expected to assume a participation rate of 75%. Will be included in the study that the students, after the presentation of the study, its purpose and the manner of participation, spontaneously request it and have signed the informed consent and whose parents have signed twice informed consent and the consent to the processing of personal data. There are no specific exclusion criteria.


Project Manager: Prof. Carmela Protano

The aim of the project was to evaluate the temporal trend of cancer mortality  in the province of Rieti and in Latium region (Italy). Data on mortality trend are provided by the National Institute of Statistics and they are used for calculating specific and standardized cancer death rates.

  • Manigrassi M., Protano C., Martellucci S., Mattei V., Vitali M., Avino P. Evaluation of the Submicron Particles Distribution between Mountain and Urban Site: Contribution of the Transportation for Defining the Environmental and Human Health. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2018.

In order to support and encourage young students in the study and deepening of oncological diseases, to improve the biomedical knowledge in the aforementioned field through the dissemination of interesting and unprecedented aspects of the neoplastic phenomenon, Ce.Ca.Re.P. establishes the  Thesis Award ALCLI “Giorgio e Silvia” and announces a competition to award a prize for the best degree thesis in the field of oncology developed by students of the Rieti University Hub “Sabina Universitas”.

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